The muses of a warrior about the lessons of life, often learnt the hard way. A guide for the persons who face a daily relentless battle. This is about life, it’s hardships, and how to defeat them. Take a step down the rabbit hole…

Residing in Pretoria, a turbulent city in Southern Africa, the author is sometimes faced with not-so-ordinary problems.

Havoc is at first glance a normal seeming fellow with some strange habits. On further inspection one can understand why: He regularly faces armed attackers, riots on almost yearly basis and has a very jaded history working with close quarter combat, explosives, guns, urban warfare, and even improvised weaponry. His body physically scarred by numerous attacks, his heart too is scarred by dealing with severe trauma, regular dealings with a psychopath and more than a fair share of toxic relationships. Given this, he has a broad knowledge about suffering, loss, and walking roads that only go uphill. On the flip side he sometimes finds himself in comical situations like sword fights behind a bar, or getting hit on the head (or helmet more accurately) with the lid of a pan during a German exam.

The writings are about a difficult and painful life, filled with setbacks, challenges, obstacles, Triumph… and the beauty of every day life. This blog is for those who feel the same, or the people who want an insight into a world unfamiliar to them.

The author invites any questions or suggestions, and can be reached via email at thewarriorsguide001@gmail.com, or comment on this page.


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