Being the Unicorn

Sometimes I’m very serious about taking nothing seriously.

Today is no exception. Prepared to follow the white rabbit down the hole? Good.

You see, I recently realised that my constant gathering of skills came down to a single idea;

I’m training to become a badass unicorn.

Why you ask? Might be because of the recent unrests in the country, but no. Also not because of the crime or occasional riot (complete with flying bricks and all)

Nope. Simply because I have a girl to look after. It became a new concept to me, this whole “being attached” business. And if the apocalypse came I’d rather die than see something happen to her. I’ve grown fond of her affection, and tired of her unwillingness to join my practice of badassery. So its up to me to save her world.

Ah yes… a world to save! An apocalypse to abolish and a damsel in distress.

Any hero’s dream right?

May you too find the strength to be someone’s unicorn



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