Warrior’s Bane

Many my know Wolf’s Bane, a small purple flower… the look if innocence itself. But behold; that purple flower betrays it’s toxicity, a poison which was often used on the tips of arrows.

Upon watching a video by John Lovell, I discovered three things that warriors do which at first seem just as innocent as that purple flower… which is just as toxic. What’s worse, I made two of the three mistakes myself. I made a promise to my Nightingale that I would never return back to those ways…

Three mistakes “tough guys” make:
(Credit to John Lovell)

To be tough one must have some distance from situations. It keeps you safe and sane, so that one can win the struggle. But, that same emotional distance is poison to any relationship. Being so busy being tough that one may forget to woo your wife and love your kids.

Any idiot can be a father. It takes a real man to be a daddy. That balance is essential.

The second grave mistake? One can be too busy taking over the world. As John put it, a man is more than his draw time or size of his ammunition cahe. We have to remember to work on our relationships, keep those around us close, and to give our significant other the attention they

Lastly, and unfortunately commonly too, we are often too busy being right. It causes unnecessary friction, just for the sake of feeding your ego. In the end, one should fight only when it is absolutely essential. Because any warrior knows; fighting does not decide who is right, only who is left.

It has been a week after I had made the change. I cannot put into words how much my relationships have blossomed, and how much more rested I feel. I still have those skills, and in a conflict it will serve me well, but, at home it only deserves it’s place in the closet… perhaps next to the armour I take off too.

It is my hope that you too will find balance, and forever avoid the warrior’s Bane.



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