Keeper of secrets

It was once said that a smart man can keep a secret; but a wise man has no secrets to keep.

Its been years, and finally the strain started to show. Every time would be the same, someone needed help, as much as they needed secrecy too.

Every time I expected a different result. Insanity?


For years I kept other’s darkness from the world, and some sins I have to take to my grave. I got used to the darkness, to the isolation. And I helped many people escape that darkness too.

Sadly, I realised yesterday that it got to me. I got so used to secrets that I started doing everything covertly. And it took a toll on those around me.

God needed me to be a keeper of secrets. I had to be that person in his plan.

Now I need to come to the light.

I am not needed like that any more. It is my time to bask in the sunlight. I have to adapt, because my path has changed.

Now that I am closely connected with my Nightingale, I have to be wise instead of smart. And as much as I put up with the darkness, it’s time to leave it behind… I’m fed up with that crap.

Live life in the light. The darkness often exists only in our minds, and we go through it only to become strengthened. Then, in our final test, we should adapt to the light.

May you be wise too


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