Knight in shining armour

“A knight in shining armour never had his metal tested”

What does this mean? This is a hardened blade. It has been heated to well over a thousand degrees, then frozen to -15 below freezing, only to be put in an oven for two hours more. And this made it tough.

Toughness many knives will never have.

People are the same. A hard life makes one strong. And though your heart may look battered and beaten like this blade, it will be strong enough to overcome all, and love with fire and passion like no other!


PS: It has been three months since this post, and after arduous work and many late nights, the damage to the blade was not only restored; the blade was polished and sharpened to an unusually sharp edge!

Recovery is hard. But as you can see, the result is well worth the effort!

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