What is love truly?

What is love?

Most will read this and automatically complete it with “baby don’t hurt me”. It’s a sad example of something I see every day.

People don’t really know what love is any more.

It hit me like a brick when I had a conversation with my mother and sister. My sister had made fudge, and we all got our share to stash away. I kept all of mine to share with my Nightingale (my significant other).

I could not understand why my mother looked at me and said “But why should you share it with her? It’s not like she knows about it?”

She loves fudge, how could I NOT?

My sister agreed with my mother. And then it hit me. They didn’t know what true love is. It’s no secret that my mom and dad is unhappily married, but could they really be so cold?

I told them that I do it out of love.

So this is about what true love really is. Remove dentures and fasten seatbelts, this is gonna be a bumpy ride:

What is love? Love is an inferno in your heart. A feeling so powerful it can drive you to move mountains and defeat demons. This is proven too; navy seals are trained to think of their loved ones when they are at breaking point physically and mentally. The effect? 160% better performance.

When they are so broken that they physically struggle to get to their feet, telling them to think of loved ones will get them to their feet and charging up a steep hill like nothing.

Love overcomes all. It can prolong life and cause people’s heart to give a few extra beats after they are dead (again, documented and proven).

You can go through hell and love will bring you right back. What wouldn’t a mother do for her child? A warrior will overthrow countries and defeat armies just for love.

Even just cuddling with a loved one strengthens the immune system and lowers blood pressure!

Love is like the ocean. Calming, immeasurably deep, and powerful beyond measure. It can drive people to great heights, it can rewrite history and change the tides of war.

True love never ends. When you think you can feel no stronger about someone… you’re wrong.

Love is calm and silence. It is real when it drives you without even making you aware of it. It is easy, and safe.

Relationships are hard work, love itself is not. If you have to work to love someone, it’s not love. It’s not butterflies or a pounding heart. It’s safety and calm beyond compare.

I’ve only twice felt it for someone; the first I realised when it was over. It’s not what movies and romantic novels make it to be.

And sometimes it’s keeping your delicious fudge to share…

Warm regards

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