Looking back

I like to think that I have escaped the nightmares of my past. I live in a safer place now, and I have repaired the emotional damage.

These days I only have scars and a knife at my side, both reminding me of what I had survived.

I thought that I could leave all that behind me, that I no longer needed to be the warrior I had become. A moment ago I realised:

It will always be part of me.

Bleak? Maybe. I see it in a different light. You see, those dark times have taught me how to be strong, how to overcome horrendous odds, and how to stick fear into my back pocket and forget about it.

Its what made me truly me.

This post however is not about me. It is about YOU.

Yes, thats right. You. How?

Right now, reading this, you carry with you the result of all the good times, as well as the bad. You have won some battles and lost others. And some of you will have trauma about it, while others wouldn’t, or worked through it all.

All those things you want to forget, those things made you stronger. You survived after all. It made you the beautiful, complex and indescribably unique person you are today.

Instead of hiding your scars, wear them like medals of hope! See the good that it brought you.

Then, thereafter, keep going forward. Because looking back should only be done to remind oneself what you have overcome!



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