Hate me


A tear rolled down her cheek as she yelled “I HATE YOU! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” she shuddered as she forcefully inhaled. She collapsed in tears “Just get out… I never want to see you again.” her tone almost hushed to a whisper.

I truly love her. I only wanted to help.

Let me start at the beginning. She was beautiful and smart, and she immediately stole my heart when I saw her at campus. She studied to be a doctor, to save lives and make a difference. She had run away from her family, her father was a bad man by any measure. Her father had come out of prison, and had the bad habit of stalking her once a year. He would break into her apartment just to terrorize her.

Every time I would comfort her, and hold her close.

Then he became bored with his usual terror campaigns. Maybe someone had pushed him over the edge. Or he had finally succumbed to darkness. That year he broke into her apartment… but stayed. When she came home he did the unthinkable. He kidnapped and assaulted her, hosed her down with water, then dumped her in a ditch alongside some road. I did what any normal person would; I took her to the police. They laughed at her, and ignored her case for lack of evidence. No-one can ever convey the terror and hurt she had endured.

I lay awake with her the whole night, as she sobbed in my arms. With every tear, the rage in my heart grew. The rage I had long forgotten, a rage I found between bullets and bloodshed.

He had called; He heard of the charges from his police buddy, and he was out for blood. She refused the training I had offered her. I knew she secretly blamed me for what the police did.

The next day I received a call from the hospital…

He had kidnapped her in retaliation, and this time he shared her with his friends, hosed her down again, and dumped her beside some road again.

As I came to her hospital room, she came out. She looked at me with hatred in her eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek as she yelled “I HATE YOU! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” she shuddered as she forcefully inhaled. She collapsed in tears “Just get out… I never want to see you again.” Her friend, also a medical student hurried to her side. “This is all your fault, just leave! Because of you he threatened the both of us”

My heart sank. She was the love of my life. I looked her in the eyes and said “I will make things right. I’m sorry. I love you.” That was the last time I saw her.

One day as he was following her again, a careless motorist lightly rear-ended him. He emerged from his car swearing and yelling obscenities, while the motorist was profusely apologizing. He drew his illegal gun and aimed it at the motorist’s head.

He never even saw the blade.

Blood spattered from his chest as he fired off a shot hitting a nearby car’s windscreen. The motorist turned out to be a close quarter specialist. The investigators believe him to be some kind of special forces, although they are still unsure. The paramedics who responded to the scene all agree that the man had bled out before he had hit the ground. The triangular dagger had perfectly pierced his heart. All the witnesses could only remember his bright orange shirt. After the shooting he had vanished without a trace.

I still think of her sometimes.

She taught me that sometimes bad things must be done for good reasons. Sometimes a villain is needed to rid the world of evil. And, sometimes, one must roam the darkness to help others to the light when they lose their way.




3 thoughts on “Hate me

    1. This is an account written from the perspective of someone I know well. The situation, extremely complex as it was, affected many people. A dear friend of mine was severely affected, although she was only briefly named in the story.

      Thank you for your concern, I was fine because I was sufficiently distanced from this horrible situasion. I felt it important to share both for teaching others the blurred lines that exist, as well as for personal closure.

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