Worlds collide

Like two sides of a coin, they sat opposite each other at a small table at a resturant. She was digging into her french fries while he was picking them up delicately with a fork.

He chose the corner table where he could see everything, where he could closely observe everyone coming in. Meanwhile she is chatting about different kinds of chocolate and how they make her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

She tasted a small piece of a cabbage leaf on her plate, and promptly pushed it aside because it tasted bitter. He ate it when she looked at the clouds for a moment. He knew how precious food was.

He remembered how he struggled to cope with the abundance of water and food after they had rescued him. He could recall every moment of the day they took him away from his fallen country. They helped him escape the apocalypse.

He reminded her of her father. She had always grown up in the light. Sure there were ups and downs, yet she could always depend on being protected. She could always find shade under the dark cloud hanging over him. She loved his fierce will, and the knives he always had with him.

Staring over the table at her wide smile he knew; she was light, and he was darkness.

A union which would leave them forever changed



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