I had just finished a cup of coffee, and put the cup in the dishwasher. I hear a scraping sound at the front door. I went to invesitgate

The following events happened in about three seconds; it felt like an hour.

The (locked) door suddenly flung open, three men standing in the doorway. The middle man had an AK-47, and he charged in. Before he could raise up the barrel, I kicked his rifle back.

He fired several shots hitting the man to his left in the upper leg, just as the man to his right raised his pistol to fire. I stepped in, putting the front man between me and the back right man, and did a rowing disarm taking the rifle.

I hit the middle man under the chin with the butt of the rifle, then took aim and shot the man on the right; two in the shoulder and one in the hip.

I vividly remember a shellcasing tumbling past my head as the middle man recovered from the impact and lunged at me. I shot three shots into his chest.

A deathly calm fell, as I could hear the faint chiming of the shellcasings hitting the tiled floor, my ears ringing from the gunfire.

I felt a warm slippery sensation under my left foot. Looking down I realised that my left ankle was grazed.

I surged forward, kicking away the other two men’s guns.

The rest of that night remained a blur. I put it all behind me, but what scares me to this day…

I’ve never again felt so alive



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