The mountain

Pebbles and sand shifted under his feet, as he climbed. Step by step. A hill so steep that he used his hands on the rocks and trees to push him up the mountan.

He looked up at the peak, distorted by the heat mirage.

His pain and sadness nipped at his heels. He kept going as his muscles burned. The wind wispered through the trees, gently playing with the scarf around his neck.

Its not the first time he has come here; nor will it be the last.

“Push!” He thinks, “Push harder, you’re almost there! All the answers lie on top of that ridge”. Finally, he is met by a giant rock, a guard which keeps only the weak away. He runs, steps, and grabs the top. He pulls himself up.

He turns around, and sees everything… the roads, the forest, the ocean he knows is hundreds of kilometers away. But its not what he came to see.

You see, it is a mountain so high that he could se his whole life below. He could see where he came from… and from here he could see his future too.

The breeze whispered through the treetops “Hello my old friend”.

He smiled weakly, and kneeled on one knee. “I know its been long, but I’m here. I kept my word.” He struggled to get the last words out of his mouth.

“I know I only come when I need to talk, but this time it is my last hope” his voice trembling. A lone tear rolled over his left cheek. The wind answered “You want to know how to help her, don’t you?”

“Yes” he swallowed a cry before he let it out. “I have to know. I’m sorry for not coming here for you.”

The breeze blew over him, cooling down his aching body. The wind whispered in his ear now “But you are here for me… I sent you to be the change she needed. You must be her strength. Teach her your ways, the ways you had learnt by fighting your entire life.” The wind died down, and in the calm it rang out “I suffered that pain with you. All that time, I had to change you to help her. My heart cried for you every night!”

So he knelt there, the entire world in front of him. And suddenly it made sense.

“Thank you.” He said softly. Then he took the combat scarred knife from his side, and stabbed it into the ground. “I won’t be needing this any more” he paused for a second, “I promised you my blade, but really, I gave you my heart”

“Goodbye my friend, I hope to talk again soon. Remember, I will light your night with stars. And when you need me, listen for my whispers in the dark”

So he climbed down once again. This time with peace. He knew that it was already fixed. He just has to keep pushing to get there.


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