True darkness

The truly courageous are those who could live in the light, but choose to bring their light to those in darkness…

Anxiety and depression, two of the most misunderstood terms today. “Its all in your head” they say, while they are totally unaware of the dark cloud haunting the person they say it to. Or when you finally work up the courage to tell someone, and they shrug it off because “you look so strong”. Yes, the armour on the outside, the walls we build to keep others safe from our darkness.

Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 people attempt suicide to get people to notice how they are struggling. There are much better ways, I promise. I was that last one once. The one who really meant to go. Yet, I overcame it. From rock bottom I built myself up.

I fooled myself into doing it alone. I withdrew into my music, and built myself up with every brick my demons threw at me. That feeling of not being good enough; that pushed me into amazing heights. I convinced myself by being the best.

Then, two years ago, I met someone who was going through the same thing. And I helped her… now, two years later she is vibrant and happy! We all need some help at times. So if you understand this post, I urge you to seek help. It’s not easy, and it may take years. Nothing worth while is free. Otherwise, if you are in the light and came from the darkness, I urge you to share your story! Give a voice to those who are too tired to speak.

I came from darkness. Too long I wallowed in it. It can be beaten, it’s just a matter of time and some effort.

Fight fight fight to the break of dawn!


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