Fear… we’ve all felt it before. It keeps us from doing stupid things and putting ourselves in danger.

Our society tends to put the fearless on a pedestal,  and brands them as heroes.

I was there.

I had no fear.

It’s a truly dire place to be in. Fear is a reminder that there is something worth fighting for. And at that point I had lost everything. There is nothing more dangerous than a fearless man with nothing to lose.

Nothing to live for.

Yes, I had a death wish. I saw no point in suffering my lonesome life. My family was just a group of damaged people.

I was fearless. And man did I take a chunk out of the world around me. I did serious damage to anyone that took me on.

Why? Why am I telling you this?

Today I have many fears. I have people I care for greatly, a career taking shape, and many things to be thankful for every day. It is as it should be.

If you have fears, it’s OK. It means you are human, that you have a good life to be thankful for.

Courage is being afraid, yet doing what needs to be done anyway.

There can be no courage without fear.

If you are fearless, then I ask you to reach out. It’s the people around us that makes life worth living. Make a friend, or talk to someone, anyone.

Opinions are like feet, everyone has a pair…and some stink…

This is my ten cents on fear. It is my hope that you will be courageous, and that your fear will keep you safe from true danger.



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