The girl with the semicolon tattoo

I once met a girl. She was smart, hardworking, and mostly smiled. She joked easily. Yet there was a darkness lingering around her like a shadow.

I worked with her for weeks before noticing a semicolon tattooed on the bottom of her wrist.

I was not yet aware of its meaning.

One day I worked up the courage to ask her about it, because I knew it somehow had to do with the darkness lurking inside her heart.

She had lost almost all the people she held dear within two weeks of her life. She had felt guilty about going on with her life, that her sentence had continued where other’s had stopped.

“So much meaning in such little thing” she said.

Later I saw someone with the same tattoo. Intrigued, I decided to look it up. It was a movement for suicide awareness. The bright young woman who had built so much in the time we worked together had not been totally open with me. Only now I realise that she felt guilty enough that she wanted to end her sentence too.

Yet she did not; she carried on.

She fought the storm when the people around her could not. We can always learn something from everyone we meet. She taught me that I was not alone, that there are always people who also went through the things you had survived too.

Sadly she also showed me that people with such deep pain hide it too well. Just like I did all those years.

Dear reader, I know that you too have survived. That you braved the obstacles in your way. If you know what I felt, what the girl had felt, then I plead that you tell someone. Tell someone you trust, or someone who can help. There are others like you, and I promise that the ones around you want to help.

Choose to make the sentence go on where it could have stopped.

“The devil whispered, you can’t survive the storm.

The warrior replied: I AM the storm”
-author unknown


4 thoughts on “The girl with the semicolon tattoo

  1. So, yeah, we go on and we sometimes seek help, but for me, seeking help is a validation of the problem I can generally ignore or suppress. I always feel worse about myself after seeing my therapist than I did before, because I have confirmed that I am indeed not well.

    I like your “darkness lingering around her like a shadow” image.


    1. I’ve walked that road too. There’s no sugarcoating it, it gets harder before you can get better. It’s worth it though. I’ve tried ignoring things and it always crept up on me when I was tired.

      So one day I decided to fight back. And it was hard. Looking back its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

      It is my hope that you will prepare yourself and push through. And when you are victorious, that lingering darkness will have changed to an air of strength and endurance.

      I wish you luck on your path, strength in your battle and rest in your victories.



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