Anger’s reason

Anger… its seen everywhere these days. But have you ever stopped to think why it exists?

What is the purpose of such a powerful emotion?

The answer is simple. It pushes one to DO something about what made us angry. Ironically, when handled correctly one sees very little anger and a lot of action against the problem.

Unfortunately people these days prefer getting angry over doing anything about it.

A word about right and wrong…

Anger can come for wrong reasons too. Getting angry about someone who does you wrong is the right kind. It helps one recrify the injustice.

But getting angry out of pride, or because someone else made you angry and you are taking it out on someone else, that is wrong.


There are only two ways to ultimately make anger go away. Either confronting the offender and working things out calmly and constructively, or forgiveness if one cannot confront them.

Forgive because you deserve the peace.

Personally I have a history filled with anger. It kept me alive, it made me fix the broken world around me.

But now, it threatens to damage all I hold dear. I have to let it go now, and go in peace.

Maybe you feel the same, maybe you are struggling to let go. Get help, reach out. Or even just ask in the comments below.

Good luck, go in peace, and when angry- do something about it to make it right.


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