Burning Passion

I crave you, like a desert craves rain.

How can I even start to describe the burning desire I feel for you? You stole my heart, you gave me a place to call home. I want to bare my soul to you, I want to show you my passion in the most raw form. I want you to fly with my, away from everything weighing down your wings.

My fire burns for you like an uncontrolable inferno.

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think of giving you everything I have. I want to give all of me to you.

Yet you don’t let me in.

You tell me that I hurt you.

You hold on too tightly, afraid to lose me.

And its killing me, the passion slowly burning me up inside.

When you are ready, I will tell you this. Until then, it is best to wait. I know you are working hard on other things.

I will wait… one day I will show you. When you are ready



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