Short change hero

I’m no hero, and I’m not made of stone.

Even after being called an angel so many times, I’m not.

I used to have a halo, but I lost that long ago when I had to break that man’s elbow. I lost my wings when I took one to the vest.

I had to survive while all the love around me was dieing. I had to stay strong. So many years I spent fighting alone.

Finally last week I found out what it feels like being part of a family.

I wasn’t supposed to be a warrior.

Yet I survived.

I’m just a normal person like you. I fought my way out of hell. That means you can too.

I’m no hero, and certainly not an angel. I don’t need to be. You don’t either.

God only puts things on our path when we can handle them. No matter how bad it may seem, you CAN win.

May you truimph over all obstacles on your path


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