Pour down on me, wash away my sorrows and fears, take my pain and make me clean
Im lying sleepless, listening to the rain pour down. I love it. I love storms and thunder, but most of all the pouring rain.

It used to rain every time there was a major change in my lovelife. As if the rain made me new, and tried to wash the pain away. Now its raining and I wonder if maybe the thoughts in my head is the change.

I’ll come first when I put myself first…

I always put her needs over my own. Its my job to protect her and keep her safe. She hasn’t been this happy in years her father told me today.

But I am growing restless.

Maybe its settling down thats making me feel tied down. Or maybe its the hidden wants nagging in my heart. Yes, I want things that she is not yet giving me.

She’s not letting me in her heart.

Its been more than a year, and I have shown her deep and dark parts no-one else has seen, yet she keeps me at a distance. I know why she is afraid. She’s been hurt so many times.

What about me?

I don’t ask much. Love, affection, and a relationship that goes both ways. Yet I am sacrificing more by the week. I just want her to let me in.

Rain, pour over me, hide my tears from the world. I have been hurt so many times. Please free my mind and help me find a way.

Thank you for the rain


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