Hollow point deeds

“Good intentions pave the road to hell”

Extreme right? Maybe its best starting this from the beginning, and see how it plays out…

The hollowpoint bullet

Regular roundnose bullets have a nasty habit of cutting right through their intended target, and whatever may be behind it too… soon ending up where nobody wants it to be.

So the hollowpoint was invented. It is made to hit its target and stop completely.

Good right? No innocent bystanders being hit, and only the intended target gets it.


Hollowpoints stop by opening up in the target and expending all its energy. The result? Much more tissue damage, and a much larger hole. A stuck bullet too of course.

Just like the hollowpoint, people want to do good, blind to whatever consequences their actions may have. I’ll be the first to admit that I had made this mistake so many times. Sometimes the damage was irreparable.

My resolution to myself; to always keep in mind the result of my actions.

I challenge you to do the same. Be mindful of your actions. Sometimes being tough will show more love than kindness. Children need parents with rules and resolve, and they will love you for it! Beggars (keeping in mind that there are exceptions) will stay on the street corners instead of seeking a job, as long as they are given money.

Sometimes strength is in gentleness, and love in resolve.


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