Connection to the past

God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers…

I know, its hard to accept.

This past month I made a mistake no soldier should make;

I looked back.

Its safe to assume that anyone reading this will have mistakes and ordeals in the past. Maybe even a wake of bodies.

But the biggest mistake was looking at the “what if?” parts.

My biggest what if wasn’t even my fault. It was the choice of another that changed several lives, probably uprooting mine the worst. It plunged me into two years of hell.

And suddenly it looked like that choice could be changed. I never stopped to think that I am changed already… I can never go back, and this time my choice would do the same damage as the old one.

And I nearly made the same mistake.

My message to you? Keep pushing, keep fighting, keep looking forward.

Only look at the past when you want to look at all your victories, and remember, even a defeat you can survive is still an achievement!


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