Making things right

Today I realised that I had made a mistake. I lost my way. And now it is time to make things right.
More than a year ago I met my Nightingale, a beautiful and strong woman who had lost her way too. I had travelled the road she was walking, so I helped her through it.

We wanted to stay friends, yet we soon became more than just that. I fell for her, and soon found that love runs far deeper than I had thought. Despite her caution, she soon fell for me too.

I felt at home with her, and I helped her feel safe.

Recently I went on a trip, fully expecting to lose a part of myself. And that I did. Upon my return my Nightingale could see that I had lost all the sadness of my past. What I did not tell her is that something felt missing.

My feelings had changed

Today, sitting in the garden, contemplating the situation among a sea of green, I realised that I made a huge mistake. I had gone there so many times before to find solace watching the colourful woodpeckers and finches, or seeing the light dance on the white prune blossoms in spring.

I entered this relationship seeking solace, not love.

I found love and solace, both in abundance, that is for sure. Seems a good thing was done for a bad reason. I truly love her, and I will go on walking my path with her.

Things have changed, now our relationship will change too.

Im not sure where this will lead. I will remain hopeful, and keep a steady eye on things. It was my mistake, now it is time to make it right.

To my Nightingale
I know you will probably never read this, and it may be better that way. I love you with my heart and soul, just know my mistake will not keep us apart. Thank you for repairing the hurt that you never caused, it was not right of me to expect that.

We sometimes live lives filled with mistakes and missteps. What is important is to right our wrongs when we can. And when we can’t, at least admit it and make sure to handle it better the next time.

Now it is time for me to do the right thing; build this relationship’s foundation on something more solid.


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