The Warrior and Poet (Poem)

Once in a garden
A warrior and poet
Had a heated conversation
About love and what it meant

Love is chaos the warrior exclaimes
You have it wrong, it is calm
Love is softness the poet says
No, it burns like a flame!

They look each other in the eye
Each sure that the other is wrong
Not sure about explaining why
Each sticking to their song

The poet says, its an angel’s embrace
It keeps you safe
The warrior scolds, its like flame’s heat on your face
It keeps you on edge

And so they argued for long
Until they realised neither are wrong

The warrior looked up from the water’s reflection
Or was it the poet
He then continued in his old direction
Neither warrior nor poet,

For he was both and more
Knowing love and it’s lore

2 thoughts on “The Warrior and Poet (Poem)

    1. Thankyou for taking a chance on me. Sometimes it is the idea behind the words that move us. I like to think that you caught a glimpse of your true self; just like the warrior realised that he was part poet, you might realise the true strength slumbering in your heart.

      Go well, and thanks for your time

      Liked by 1 person

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