No limits, only plateaus

No limits

You only know how strong you are when strong is the only option.

A saying goes, “There are no limits, only plateaus.” Meaning, the only thing stopping you, is the limits you set in your mind. We reach a new height, thinking that it is a limit.

It is not

I thought back about all the times I thought i had reached the ultimate peak of my abilities, only to learn yet another skill, make another discovery, or reach new depths. Now I ask you, what is your limit? How sure are you about that really?

A word about hardship, pain and darkness

I’ve been there. Caught up in it all, trapped by it. Its you or the darkness, one will break. Make sure it is the darkness breaking. It will be hard, yes, but I promise you: The sun will rise if you fight to see it.

May you finally see the only limits you have are the ones in your mind.

Warm regards


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