Powerful solutions

Powerful solutions

We all have problems, its a fact of life. That is why I will share a powerful solution to one of the trickiest problems: A problem of the mind.

Lets say when you go to work, you become sad. Or When you talk to an attractive man or woman, you get nervous. A case of “When -A- happens, I feel -B-“

It happens to all of us, and I’ve seen relationships ruined and lives soured by this. Here is a powerful solution that you can do in a few minutes to abolish problems that could be life long.

The solution is like a sword, simple and elegant, as well as powerful and sharp.

Begin by thinking of the problem, and touching your right elbow with a finger. Do this for only a moment. Then, distract yourself. Something like counting backwards from ten, or trying to remember the colors of a DHL van. Anything factual.

Then, imagine what feeling or ability will solve the problem. Remember (or even imagine) a situation where you have this resource. Amplify the colors and hear the sounds clearly. Feel the feelings of how if feels coursing through your body. When you feel the feelings powerfully, grip your left elbow while you enjoy the feelings, sights and sounds. Do that for a while. Then think of something factual again. The last three presidents maybe, or exactly what your front door looks like.

Repeat that step a few times, each time feeling that resource building up more and more every time you grip your left elbow. If you get the feeling just by gripping your elbow, then it is time to do the last step:

Grip your left elbow, and while doing that, touch your right elbow too. Some feel temporarily confused or turbulent. Keep touching both elbows until that feeling is well past. Let go of your right elbow first, then your left.

And you are done! Problem solved.

Test this by imagining yourself in such a situation, and notice you are now feeling the resource you created.

It all comes down to a choice.

You can now actually choose how to feel anything from the resource feeling to the old feeling, and anything in between. People tend to choose the positive feeling automatically when given that choice. If what you did was wrong, the change will soon fade out, making this solution positive-only.

How it works:

You actually link the feelings to the spots you touched. If you want to repeat this for any other problem, use different places to touch. When you touch both anchors (the places you touched to link feelings) at once, you link the two feelings together. This helps you to be able to feel the positive feeling when the time comes.

This solution has helped me through so much, and I hope it will serve you well too. I will be posting other Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) patterns in the future that can be used by the average person to sort out their problems quickly and efficiently.

May you find the mountain in front of you was only a pebble in your shoe.


**Disclaimer**: I assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of this technique. It is up to the reader to use the aforementioned technique responsibly and at their own risk. It is posted here for positive purposes, in order to help people gain control of their own problems.

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