Poem: Squeeky boots


One night a woman told
A story of a brave husband to behold

That faithfull night he gave his life
He fought to the death to save his wife
In his arms he looked at her in thàt way
Before his moment he had something to say:

“I am happy to my last breath,
You made my life joy right until my death.
See my dear, don’t be sad
Not even death can separate the love we had
I love you, thanks for being my dream”
Those were his last words it would seem

She kept his squeaky boots by the door
It reminded her of his love evermore
She remembered the sound of his squeaking boots at night,
She’d know it was him without a sight

Then years later one rainy day
She would never again see the world the same way.
A truck lost control and smashed into her car
In a blaze of metal and glass the car rolled far
The fire engulfed her, just like that night
She thought she heard something before losing might…

The paramedic told her she shouldn’t be alive
In a crash like that no-one would survive

She wasn’t listening, she knew why…
After the crash she heard the familiar squeak of boots walking away

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