Can’t sleep


Boom! I’m instantly awake, listening for it… Shhoooo…

I hit the ground next to my bed. Only gunshots whistle like that. Large calibre, medium range shot. I look at the glock’s green night sights glowing like snake eyes in the night. I won’t need it tonight unless the fight comes closer.

I put it back in the holster, and get back into bed. My ears listen intently to the sounds of the night. No screams, no shouting… maybe an intruder got one to the chest? Two minutes to three…

I hear a two way radio in the distance of the night. The conversation sounds hushed and uncertain… must be the security company. Down the street a patron at one of the bars goes “woaw!”. My heart stops, my feet go cold… the other patrons laugh. My heart starts beating again.

A car loudly chases past, no ligths. No sirens… the next half hour I spend listening to the night.

Thump, prrrt, prrrt, thump!
The sound makes me jump as a bushbaby runs across the roof.

I can’t sleep. How can I let go of my combat past while living like this?
My thoughts drift to my nightingale, how calm I feel when we fall asleep together… feeling her breathe in my arms, hearing her heartbeat which one can write a symphony to.

I drift off to sleep…


2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep

  1. Thank you! I know it will change when I move. Sometimes it is those who share the house with me that make me tired…
    I hope you too will find more sleep, because I can see the sympathy you have. I wish you restfull nights my friend.


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