Windows to the soul


Eyes truly are the windows to our soul. Looking into someone’s eyes intensely can even cause an uneasy feeling to both you and the person you look at. Researchers even found they could make any person in a photo look more attractive just by altering their eyes.

Those who know me will tell you that I am an excellent people reader. A lot of that came from books on body language and facial expressions. No book has ever focussed on eyes alone. In the photo one can see the same man, on the left the photo was taken before the war. The middle during, and the last after the war. Can you see the difference?


How often do you look at your own eyes in the mirror? Today I looked myself in the eyes, and I got a fright.


I could see it clear as day, all the sadness an pain from the past. I saw everything I still have to let go of.

The moral of the story?
Its so easy to think that our past cannot affect us. But it does, in a big way. The smallest thing can plauge your whole life forward…

All you have to do is work through it. For some its abuse, from others or even yourself. For others it may be neglect, rejection or isolation. Some have anger from a lifetime of wrongs done to them. Deep down we already know what it is.

I let go of the trauma
I let go of the abuse
The anger, left at God’s feet

All that remains is the loneliness.

Yes, I feel like I was cheated out of a family. So, one day, I will have my own.

So take a look at your eyes? Tell me what do you see.

Look for the beauty you never saw. The strength that you could not imagine having. Take a close look at your soul…

And if you see anything you haven’t noticed about yourself, please comment below on what you saw.

May you see all the good, and the solutions for all the bad.



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