Life on the verge


Ever felt like one wrong move will cause disaster? Life in a minefield, one misstep and KABOOM. One detail out of place and it’s all ruined…

I lived like that for so many years. It took all my energy just to survive. I see it everywhere I go. Addicts, people with eating disorders, advertising agencies using consultants to pick a certain shade of colour. I used to be there too.

Sometimes it looks like society is to blame. I’m not one to blame, because we have to play along to those rules.

Hakuna matatta
For those who never had the joy of watching Lion king, it means “no worries for the rest of your days”. An amazing dream indeed, although worrying has its place. What I’m saying is…

Trust the strength in your bones.

We can handle a lot more than we think. Worry only about the major things. And after you prepared for that, worrying has no place any more.

Personally I’m done with that life. Now I joke, take things easy, and every now and again work hard to make sure there is nothing major to worry about.

I leave you with this little gem of knowlege:
“Worrying works! 90% Of the things I worry about never happens”

Yours truly

Photo: The edge by Martin Stranka

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