Change the world

Welcome to my world

I know this may seem unrelated, but it will all make sense in the end…

Seems the entire world has finally gone crazy. On my drive to work I mulled over exactly what I really want to say. Because my life had always been this way. On the radio they were discussing the military style security at our universities to counter all the violent protests. Driving through the gate at work a large “NO FIREARMS” sign greets visitors, students and staff alike.

What do they do with people like me? I AM a weapon.

I probably have more training than the entire security staff combined. The rubber bullet gun softly rattling in my backpack, probably smirking at the fact that it is allowed even though most would call it a gun. A lot like me.

The world only recently became this dangerous for others. For me its all the same. Growing up with a psychopath in the house, in a dangerous street made me who I am.

That got me thinking

They train special ops soldiers in harsh conditions, and many aren’t allowed to have any ties to an outside life. No family, no loved one, only duty and the men you fight alongside. I grew up not being able to trust my father, and a mother who only made me feel loved when I did well at school. I wouldn’t call that a family. I was engulfed in that life. And I was slipping deeper into the chaos by the day.

I nearly let it become who I am.

God knew what was happening. Just when I started falling down that trap, a lifeline was thrown to me. I met a woman who was my opposite. She couldn’t even hold a sword for long. She enjoys painting and cooking, and when she really feels happy she sings softly with a voice as sweet as a nightingale. She found me just in time.

What is this all about?

We all have amazing potential. Even the most insignificant trait can make all the difference in the world, even if it’s only one person’s. And even when the world crumbles, we still have the strength to stand on our own, and rely on our abilities. The only limits you have, are in your head.

A song of a nightingale changed my life, just like one little butterfly changed the whole photo from ghastly to a touching kind of beauty.

You have that power too. You might thunder and roar… Or whisper change into all you touch.

Be the change!


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