Down the rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

From the start my life was about as mentally sane as a bag of rats in a meth lab fire. The things that happened are surreal and sometimes totally unbelievable. (Like the time someone hit me on the helmet with the lid of a pan… in the middle of my German exam.)

If you feel you know all there is to life, and like it that way, stop reading now.

This post is about the many strange things I encountered in my life. Let me be clear about this, everything in this post can be confirmed as true, and I only name the things that I came face to face with and saw with my own eyes. Some may call me crazy, and I don’t care. This is your last chance, some things may rattle most of the beliefs you may have about life, death, and some things mystical.

I’ll start off slow. Smells can affect how smart you are, or affect one like medicine.

A study found that smelling peppermint essence before tests helped improve all participant’s working memories. For those who do not know, it means they could remember more bits of information about unrelated things, and could use their IQ more effectively. The reverse is true, lavender can decrease stress and help one sleep. I tried it myself and found that having a lavender scented candle next to my bed helped me sleep (even when it was unlit). It does decrease one’s working memory though.

Psychics and mediums exist.

Really. Not the hocus-pocus ones who swindle people, those are con-artists. A person very close to me is a medium. She hates it of course. All people “talented” (or cursed in my opinion) with such ability are unable to control it, and it usually comes and goes. Most will deny it categorically too. Chances are if you have to pay, they are fake. If you ask for proof? The medium mentioned before once saw the child of a friend who had committed suicide. ┬áHe pleaded her to write to his mother telling her some things. She did so. The mother replied that she had desperately asked to know why he did what he did, that very same night. The letter contained information about the son’s life that only the son could have known.

As for psychics? I have a close friend who is one, and most of his family is too. They get random notions about things that turn out to be right. Taking a cellphone out of their pocket just to have it ring a few seconds later, or knowing exactly when someone will be home…even if that person does not know how long they will be away. The insanity does not end there. He often asks me about things that happened to me… before they happen. Of course both of us will be dumbfounded about why he asked me when nothing has happened, and later for me to experience it and think “so THAT is why he asked”. Only twice he knew his “memory” was actually a premonition. Both came true years later.

Magic is real.

Allow me to clarify, casting spells is real. Not waving wands and muttering words though. Of all the things I have encountered, this scares me most. As far as I understand one loses a small bit of your soul every time one does magic, the life force leaving you for eternity, or one sells your soul to the devil quite literally.

There is one form of magic that does not however have such high cost: Prayer. God answers prayers and uses his own infinite power to make them happen, all out of love for us. (For the atheists and those who still aren’t convinced, yes God is very real). What religion? Well… my question to you is, don’t all who worship a higher power worship the same one just by a different name? (Not talking about satanists or those who worship people of course)

There is life after death

Heaven exists, I’ve seen it. A few short moments right between 2007 and 2008, right over new year’s eve. It is beautiful! Although it was one of the most traumatic events in my life, the beauty of it all still bring tears to my eyes. It looked like a coastal area, the rumbling of the ocean in the distance with a fresh breeze of ocean air. I felt happy, at peace, and for the first time ever I felt at home. As far as I could tell there is no concept of time, because a few seconds felt like minutes. Sadly it was only a visit, as God has a plan for me that still has to be completed.

Spirits and ghosts are real

It must be said though, most things people call ghosts was never alive to begin with. It’s seldom that the souls of people stay behind on earth. It is very common for otherworldly entities to roam or inhabit our world. All people have inherent ability to sense them, some are just a lot more sensitive, and some can even see them. Another close friend of mine sees these things and often sketch them in frightening detail. The images haunt me to this day. I tried testing him too. I took him to a house where I know an entity resides. He took one look into the kitchen window (the room where the thing resides), and refused to go into the house. I never told him that it was a test, or that there was something strange about the house.

For those of you expecting UFO’s or the Lochness-monster, sorry. Writing all this once again made me realize how strange my life came to be. I hope that you could hold on until now, as I know most of these truths may be hard to swallow. I found it best to challenge all one’s biggest beliefs at least once. There is way more to life than most will experience, because we live in a huge world filled with awe and wonder.

I hope that you will find even more truth in your life.


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