Letting go

Letting go

Looking back, I made it through so many things. Feeling unsafe every day, feeling like being stranded alone on a ship inside a storm. I’ve survived so many deadly encounters.

September I finally found my home

Home… I started to think such a place did not exist. Yet somehow I feel comfortable being unarmed, and I even enjoy little things like feeling comfortable barefoot. It is a feeling I’ve never known, and I love it.

But like a soldier wearing armour, I’m struggling to take it all off now.

How do I let go of a past like that? It would be so easy if I lived at my “home” permenantly, but I’m not. I still live in a place plauged by conflict and uncertainty. How can one let go of your armour in the middle of a firefight?

Dear reader, do you know the answer? I believe we can all learn from each other, and I am hoping that you might have the missing piece.

To my nightingale
Thank you for having my back. Thank you for showing me home, and how it all feels to be safe, loved and cared for. I hope to spend the rest of my days repaying you.

To you
This might just be a mirror. Maybe you are also struggling to let go of pain, anger, or the horrors of your past. If that is you, I invite you to talk to me, I have found ways to let go of those things.

Maybe one day soon I’ll know how to take my armour off too.


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