Of all the monsters I’ve met, all were made…

Yes, every single one. Made by injustice, made by pain, made by unkind acts, made using hate.

Society and others so easily break people down, tell them to be unhappy, call them worthless. Then they reject the monsters they created by their own hands. All from lack of love. So many times love could fix them, so many times kindness is all it takes.

Few people know about how Adolf Hitler grew up. His dad abused him, night after night, day after day, displacing his hate for the Jewish in the only place he could… his son. Is it any wonder that his son grew up to hate? Is it any wonder that he ended up doing what we all know him for? Monsters are made at the hands of others.

To my friends

Thank you for standing by me, even in my dark times. Thank you for keeping me on the right path. I will always be grateful.

To my Nightingale

There are no amount of words that can say Thank you to what you did. I was on my way of becoming what I hated most. Then you pulled me from that all, you repaired all the damage they did. Thank you, for being so kind and gentle. I will spend my life repaying you for that. I love you.

To my father,

I’m sorry for your father rejecting you, I’m sorry for your mother who always tore you down. I’m sorry that they couldn’t love you the way you deserve. It saddens me deeply every time I see your anger, knowing it came from feeling helpless all those years. I’m sorry that they could not teach you how to love others. I’m truly sorry that my love can’t fix you, if I could I would give you all I have. They broke your trust, they took all you valued. I know you don’t know how to trust me, and that is OK. I can only hope that one day the moment before you breathe your last breath, that you will remember the kindness of the ones who loved you, and not those who did you wrong.


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