Dark and light


“Those who contain deepest darkness also poses the brightest light”-Author unknown

So many times I asked myself why. So many times the darkness in me shook my foundations. Even now my skills at crafting things are at its best when making weapons or implements of destruction. I’m struggling to let go of my past, my warrior self.

Maybe therein lies my strength… A warrior becomes more powerful as a father.

Mother Theresa wrote letters often asking why God gave her so much pain and emptiness, why she could be left in the darkness by a loving God. Many share her plight, I too have been there. My closest friend once described me as dark and desperate.

Then it all changed. God tore me from my darkness by the song of a nightingale.

Now I know why. Why I had to endure all that pain, why I was engulfed by darkness for so long. How can one drive out darkness without a light? I was put there to pull others from the darkness too. I had to know pain to treasure the love I’ve found. I had to know darkness so well that I no longer feared it. I had to know loneliness before I could truly be close to someone I loved.

I had to know a loveless life before I could love someone truly.

We all have darkness, and we all have light. There lies a poetic impossibility. The darkness makes our light brighter. All we have to do is embrace the light and follow it’s path. I can’t be a warrior any more. Now I have to be a father, Making me the most powerful fighter of all. Beauty can be found in all tragedy.

It is my hope that you will find the light when the time is right, and some may only understand this post after escaping their darkness. May you find strength to keep going.

Warm regards


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