I used to think of happiness like a treasure. Something one can seek and find, then carry around like fine jewelry.

I was wrong

Happiness is like an island, the sadness and pain like the mainland behind me.

Right now I’m swimming.

Some of the best things that ever happened to me was in water. My first kiss, my first revalation…the first time someone saved my life.

I’m swimming to happiness, the island I want to make my home.

Along the way some people close to me have drifted away. It makes me sad, I often wonder about them. How they are doing, and if they are staying above water. I wonder if I’ll ever see them on that island.

The thingis, swimming in the ocean like that is hard, and sometimes one is tempted to drift. Just remember, drifting gets one nowhere, while swimming may just get you to shore.

I have found my island, and I will keep swimming, one day I will live in happiness.

May you find the strength to swim too… and resist drifting away.


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