We all run from things time to time. Some run from their pasts, some from the people around them, some from all the pain and emptiness they have inherited.

Even now, sitting in a tent in the wilderness, I’m running from the chaos, conflict and pain at home. My nightingale, lying next to me, running from the unknown things to come this year.

The conversation tonight still haunts me, about alcoholics and addicts alike. It made me so deeply sad, because I could see that they too were being chased. Their addictions just another way to run.

Some bury themselves in work, some go to the gym compulsively, some find solace in the bottle. Some even have relationships to distract themselves… Some fight other’s wars because they can’t win their own battle.

The thing is, those who run, only die tired.

The only way out is through everything one runs away from. And thats the hard way out. Even now, I’m finding a way to break through the sadness that hangs over me like a cloud.

Sometimes we run from the things we cannot change. A painfull past, a bad start at life, a poor home, or even just little past memories that continue to hurt us. In that case, all one can do is accept it and move forward.

We control our future

We can make our future into what we truly want. Me? A safe loving home is all I want. My nightingale, I’m going to teach her to fly, to find her strength.

What will you do? Or will you just keep running?


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