Faith is like a zipline. Just trust, let go, and go where it leads.

My mind is still reeling after what just happened. Have you ever had So many questions… and had every one answered totally?

Life, how to live it, where to go, your purpose, your future… what to do with the past…

What if you got every answer? Even crazier, how can you actually tell someone about it? How does one even know the answers?

How can one tell others about a conversation with God? The calm ocean air, the faint distant singing of birds and his voice so clear. It is truly scary having the answers, scary seeing your own path from way up in the air… and seeing yourself walking that path.

I’ve walked the path of the warrior for so long, it’s hard to let go of that life. Yet, that path has taught me how to do hard things. No hesitation, fear only a figment way back in my mind. That path has made me strong, but it has also filled me with so much anger. Anger that has to be let go… yet another hard thing to do.

And the hardest part is yet to come…

To be a father. Not literally, but being a shelter to those around me, a protector, a loving calm place to let others rest. Helping others fly .

My nightingale. I was told to break in to your heart. Steal all your pain, and leave only joy. To find all those jewels you hidden, to leave them out in the open for all, even you, to see. Strength, confidence, so much love, and a world of beauty… all hidden in your heart. I will help you fly with me. As I write, I have a small piece of you to show you who you are.

How do I give others the messages I recieved?

HOW do I even tell them how I know?

All those things that seemed to have fallen apart, I am truly sorry. I was told that I had to find my way first. Now that I have, it is time to come back and bring all those insights back with me to share with those I left behind that while.

It is truly scary having the answers. Faith like that is no easy task. Being told that all that sadness cannot be fixed any more, yet it will be left behind as I swim to the island of happiness, righting the wrongs of my past. Knowing that my future will make up for what I could not have in the past.

What if you knew all your answers are within reach? That you just have to open your deaf ears, and see with eyes blind to the truth.

Maybe I am strong enough to handle the answers.

My mind is still reeling.


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