I used to see hardship in the same way as the world. Only after defeating my biggest demon did I realise that hardship is different than what I thought.

Jewelers use cruicibles to melt precious metals, and cast it into the beautiful shapes and forms they want to create. They use furnaces or flames to heat the metal to melting point. Some even use it to burn away impurities in the metal.

Needless to say, life inside that cruicible is very unforgiving.

I see hardships as the flames, and the cruicible as the place we live in. The flames melt us, and burn away the impurities. The jeweler must always look at the metal, being careful not to burn it.

It is hard being heated like that. Sometimes the smoke and flames keep us from  seeing what will happen next. We sometimes even lose hope.

One of three things will happen to someone inside the cruicible

They either lose themselves and break down
They triumph and become bettered by the process

And some get so used to the pain that they learn to like it, and refuse to let go.

I almost became the third, I thought clinging to the pain gave me strength. It just burned me out. By God’s grace I found a way out. I still haven’t escaped totally, but now I know how a life with less pain can be like.

Its an adjustment to live in a safe place.

To those who wonder how the jeweler knows when the metal is ready… it’s when he can see himself in it.

I used to see hardship like the world did. Only now I realise that it makes us the best we can be.

And when you are, you’ll get the chance escape into a much easier life. For those in the cruicible, just hold on and keep going, then be the best you can be.


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