No good deed


“No good deed goes unpunished” A Russian proverb goes.

I disagree

All good deeds have their cost. But knowing that, one should do it anyway. You see, I always looked too closely. Most good deeds I did, came back tenfold. Not right away though.

The wheel turns…

Whatever you put on that wheel will come back. Name it karma, cosmic balance, justice or whatever you like. There were days I seriously regretted using my hard earned money to help a loved one keep off the streets. Make no mistake, it nearly cost me everything I have.

Looking back, I’d do it again.

Why you ask? Because two years later (by the grace and goodness of God) I was given a car. Those of you who know me will know I used to drive a horrible scrap pile that used to try kill me every now and again. Just when it exploded (no kidding, there is still oil splatter on the ceiling of the garage), the opportunity came like it was sent.

The small red stone…

One of my most prized posessions is a ring. I trained a close friend for years, just because I believed it makes the world a safer place. One day he bought along two stones, a red and green one, that he knew would fit in one of my rings. He said I could choose one. Liking red, I chose the red stone. I figured it was cubic zirconia, an inexpensive but beautiful stone. Only when someone else asked him what it was, he repiled that it is a blood ruby.

He gave me something I thought I would never have. All for one good deed.

Even being nice to people pays. Being nice to a co-worker while others picked on him turned out to be a good choice, they only kept him on with me. Had I teased him as well, things might have been very uncomfortable for the both of us.

I mentioned looking too closely earlier on. You see, looking at the bigger picture, those good deeds should be paid forward. They don’t have to come back to make a difference. If everyone paid the good deeds forward, it could change the world.

Those who bring happiness to others, cannot keep it from themselves.

Making others happy will make you happy too. Jesus said it over two thousand years ago, but society wasn’t ready for that, so they nailed him to a cross. I hope that today people will be ready to take that step in the right direction.

One last thing… Never forget the cost. Yes, good deeds wil cost you time, effort, energy, or even money. Keep it in mind, then do it anyway. Because you will become the change you want in the world.

Let’s make this world a better place together


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