Shoud’ve could’ve would’ve


I once read that the saddest word ever is “almost”.

She almost loved him.
They were almost together.
He almost survived.

So many times we are scared by our own greatness, afraid of what we are capable of in our full capacity. Our successes scare the heck out of ourselves sometimes.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Even scarier, what would you do if you knew you would not fail? We as people rarely know how strong we are. In the life I left behind I learnt many things that should always be remembered…

When you think you can go no further, only then are you half way.

You only know how strong you are when being strong is the only option. And when you hit your lowest point, you have the greatest capacity to change.

People in an old age home were asked what they regretted of their lives. Only two people in the entire study regretted things that they had done (Drugs and estrangement of the only one they loved). The rest all regretted what they almost did, but never got around to, or feared.

Only now I’m doing the things I always wanted to do. Making rockets may seem almost childlike, because it’s my childhood dream. Yet, making it happen makes me feel alive.

So many people wonder who they are, so many are searching for themselves.

I wish I had the answer, a way to find your own heart. I can tell you what helps: Do the things your heart yearns for. We are our true selves when we follow our hearts. Follow those silly childhood dreams

Do those little things too, taking a walk in nature, a picnic with loved ones, or those little things that give you pleasure.

I lost my inner child so long ago… And that is my biggest regret. Yet again, a regret caused by not taking action, a regret for not taking care of a deep part of myself.

I stopped thinking of “almost”. And a year later I have found love, did the things my mind always told me I could never do. I made things happen, I made my dream come true.

I hope that you will find that strength that scares you, and that you will make your dreams come true, instead of waiting for others or fate.

Fate favours those who do not believe in it.



2 thoughts on “Shoud’ve could’ve would’ve

  1. I don’t want to ‘almost’. I plan to live a big life, despite having bipolar. I walk into fear afraid, but soon discover my perception of that fear is much bigger than the actual event/situation. A big, bold, brave life, with no regrets. Loved you post – thank you for the inspiration

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