Torn in two


Funny how people live double lives. Outwardly one person, inward another. Thing is… sometimes there comes a conflict between present and past too. We want to stay the person we were yesterday, instead of who we are today.

Yes, people change over night.

Ive seen people change in seconds, one moment they are who they’ve always been, another moment their true self rattled right out of them. People wonder why God lets bad things happen to them while those moments made them realise their true strength. And then they try fight the change.

My past and present seem like different lives. Different people. A lonesome victimised little boy, a ghost story who wrote his name in a trail of chaos, a fighter tired of all the pain, an artist caught between who he was and who he became… All the same life, the same person.

Today I saw the clash of my past again. I danced to music (which I never did) while the song reminded me of running around with a flamethrower…

A part of me will always be that person. It is me.

Yet also it’s not any more. Its the life I left behind. I still enjoy training others, and the door is still locked for the intruder’s protection. But I can be the easy going  creative optimist that I always tried to keep quiet.

So that’s me. Who are you??

I dare you to look to yourself. I know you are a different person from what you show others. It may be small differences, or they may be massive. Who are you really? Because that inward voice is right.
Sometimes we need to take that leap of faith and be the person that some may not accept. And you might be right too. But others will love you for it, and its so much less work to be who you are anyway.

Me? I’m going to be the man I am, and I’ll never forget who I used to be. Its still me, just a different time in a different life.

May you be the true you without being torn in two


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