Swan song (Stand your ground)


Swans are songless birds, majestic in their silence. Only once a swan is about to die, does it sing its last breath in a beautiful song.

As person I find it sad, but also fascinating. People so often do not know what they are capable of. It is in our darkest moments that we sing our swan song, the difference being that it does’nt spell the end for us.

Sometimes I think my swan songs made me who I am.

Once we sing, there is no turning back. We’ll never be the same. Personally I would’nt want to go back, I am not the man I was yesterday.

I had so many dark moments. The vivid recollections of crying in pain, feeling too tired to fight any longer. My heart will always be scarred by that momments.

Then I would sing my swan song, and stand my ground!

I would hold on for dear life to the little I have left, and push through whatever obstacle stood between me and freedom. And every time I would be a better man thereafter. Thats how I survived a harsh life, filled with deadly encounters, heartbreak, toxic people and no backup.

If you come to find yourself in such a dark place with “no way out”, I dare you to sing your swan song, grit your teeth, and push your way out. It saved my life countless times, and I’m sure it will save yours too.

For those who know me personally, I will stand by you, even when your world crumbles. Because no-one should face that alone.

I wish you hope, strength and luck.


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