Poem: The storm

My world is a storm
A place by battle torn
Conflict in every form
I face it with armour worn

Chaos used to be my normal
Pain was ordinary
A fight every day as usual
Despair seen widely

Then it all changed

When you took me in, I was broken inside
Saw only chaos, and thought I could never be free
You saw my sadness, I no longer have to hide
I see love in everything you do, even the way you hold me

You erase my pain tear by tear, you are my shelter to the storm
When I look into your eyes, all seems right
Then I have to go, where chaos is the norm
I leave my shelter behind, for another day and fight

For now I have to go back, back into my old hell
I mis you all the time, even when I don’t say so
When we grow old together, I will have our story to tell
How we stood by each other, how we never let go

And when that day comes, I will not forget
How you were the shelter to my storm
How you are the decision I’ll not regret
I’ll remember how you loved me, knowing where I came from

One day I will stay and never look back
I will stand by you
Defend you against any attack
All because I know you love me too

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