A soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him…

Again I got reminded of that today, as I tried to comprehend what I just read. The message said that “Darkness cannot displace darkness. It can only be displaced by light. Hate can not be displaced by hate, but by love”

Forgive me, for I don’t feel the same

I dealt with a situation recently that could probably only ever be solved by death. The person causing the mayhem acts only out of hate, and he does not stop even when facing death. How can love displace that? I did act in love. I gave the person in danger the right training and tools to stop him… but how can killing him be anything less than hate? If this enemy dies, its because he threatened someone’s life, the choice lies in his hands.

Still, where is the love?

I find it poetic that my gun carries 13 bullets. The number is considered bad luck because it is 6, the devil’s number,  combined with 7, the holy number. How is that different from a defensive handgun? A weapon used in a loving way… evil used for the greater good.

Violence is seldom the answer. But when it is, its usually the only answer.

I’ve lived my whole life forced into a role of a warrior. Only now I’ve found the heart of an undying romantic between the ashes that once was my life. I’ll never forget all those battles I’ve fought. The anger still boils in my veins when I protect what I hold dear. That said, its time to move on. To act with love… until love can no longer be the answer.

I know all my writings have some lesson weaved into them. Maybe this one is to help others understand the dark places they have never been to. Maybe these words are my escape… “Paper is patient” an old afrikaans proverb goes.

Maybe I’m just tired of all the hate.

I will be the change I want to see in this world. I hope, if you feel the same, that you will join me on the path of love. And with some luck and help from above, we can make this world a better place just by being part of it.

With kind regards

6 thoughts on “Misunderstood

      1. Well you do it better than i, when i want to explain something it always comes out a bunch of words not making sense, then i get people looking at me like they are trying to understand but cant lol

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  1. Very compelling thoughts. The good versus evil in an act can only be rationalized by greater good. Not because we believe it so but we fear that if it isn’t better, then we are the beast in up our nightmares.


    1. I agree with what you are saying… so often we look under our bed when the monster is inside your head. I found that the only line between good and evil is the reason we acted. A good deed can only be good if done out of love.


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