“To me, she never seemed broken. Instead I saw her as a dazzling mozaik of her victories” -author unknown

I was born to a life of pain and conflict. Circumstances like that break off little bits of yourself. Sometimes people truly crack. For me it was always easy to see. I could recognize that someone had gone through a similar pain as mine, I could sense their cracks as if it was an aura hanging over them.

I try to be friends with whole people, those who don’t understand the chaos I came from. Yesterday I met up with a friend, and I could see the change. Circumstances had changed, and suddenly the chaos I know all too well had enveloped someone I hold dear too. I try my best keeping everyone around me from that, its something I’ll never wish upon another.

A poison for the weak.

Its something one can never turn back. The thing is, it makes the weak break apart, but makes the strong even stronger than they could ever imagine. I could sense the strength, and I knew that in the end the pain would mean an easier life forward. I know it’s a cliche to say everything happens for a reason, because sometimes the reason will never be discovered. I do know however that God will use a bad situation for a good outcome… the mark of a true artist.

Deep down all fractured people recognize each other

Its as if they can all see themselves in each other, like a broken mirror reflecting itself. Sometimes I wonder if it is so we can relate to one another, to tell them things that others just can’t understand. I know things had changed, and all I can do is be there and understand.

There are different kinds of brokenness

Some people only harbor a crack, while others become a magnificently sharp collage of bits. Personally I’m not sure what I am any more. I used to be broken, but I have found most of the pieces and stuck them back together. I can’t be the person I should have been before the pain. But now I can be a better and stronger man than before. No matter how far gone, with love, effort and willpower, we can mend ourselves again. Never to be the same, but to be more magnificent.

This goes out to all those who could relate, may you find the path of happiness and strength once more


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