“The mask you wear tells me who you are” – author unknown

We all wear masks some time in our lives. Sometimes its to impress people, or win their favor. Sometimes its simply to look like a “hard target”, to keep you safe. Sometimes its to manipulate or confuse… sometimes its to avoid questions like “what’s wrong?”.

Most of the time people wear masks because they don’t think that they are good enough.

I used to be like that. I gave a serious machine-like appearance, excelling at everything I do. I was tough and acted like nothing could touch me. I did it because I didn’t feel good enough, and I felt exposed and afraid. I did such a good job that I became famous for it, so good that I almost fooled myself. I did it to keep myself safe, I buried the “true me” like a treasure.

Just like a real mask, it becomes uncomfortable and limiting

I enjoyed the way other people saw me, and it never occurred to me that they only knew my mask and not me. I was hurting myself without realizing it. The cracks started to show later on in my life. The more I scrambled to keep all the pieces together the more I lost the true me. I grew angry and lonely, not knowing what to do with all the pain.

A lie has to face forward, while the truth looks the same from all sides…

A year ago I could not keep it together any longer. My facade came crashing down. The strangest thing happened! People didn’t know me any more! They knew my name, but not much else. Some where confused about why I had changed so suddenly. It was all an act, I never changed, I just stopped being a lie.

I found myself again, like a priceless treasure

I became “me”, braving the world without a mask. The difference was amazing. People loved me even more, they accepted me, quirks and all. I became stronger yet more relaxed. All the drama of being someone else stopped, and things came naturally. Why be fake when you can be an original? I started seeing all the people for who they are, and not the mask they wear. It deeply saddens me sometimes, seeing someone’s tears behind their smile. I know they won’t accept my help…I wouldn’t accept it either back in the day.

If you are wearing a mask, I have a dare for you. It’s not an easy dare, so take the challenge only if you wish. I dare you to take off your mask and be the true you for one whole day. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope that some of you will enjoy it so much that you will start leaving the mask off… Life is so much more colorful without it!

I wish you luck with the dare


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