Loneliness is the worst kind of poverty.

Recently my life turned itself upside down. I always walked my own road, having to deal with everything alone. Then it all changed. Suddenly I found myself with someone who has my back.

Today I realized my life was turned upright and not upside down

I was busy reading an article about psychology, and saw something curious. People who grow up or live in isolation report to attributing inanimate objects with feelings- something I only recently stopped doing after serious counselling. Then it all made sense. I never really had reason to think I was lonely, I grew up with both parents and a sibling. Now I can see I never really felt a connection to them. I don’t cling to my tragedy’s, so I look forward.

The question is how much space is enough

When a person is dehydrated one should not give them a lot of water at once. Instead they should keep sipping until they recover. Right now I feel the same way. I’m not entirely sure how to handle my new found situation… Its new to me, in a wonderfully indescribable way.

The cryptic moral of the story?

We seldom see our own flaws and shortcomings because we do not listen to our hearts. Sometimes thinking rationally will have you missing the mistake while your feelings boldly highlight them. Last secret of the day, let the past be past. We can only move forward after letting go.


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