Come to the edge
We can’t. We’re afraid
We can’t. We will fall. Come to the edge
And they came. And he pushed them
And they flew
– Guillaume Apollinaire

Every day we come toe to toe with limits. The speed limit on the road, the fences around our houses, the rules of our workplace. Yes, those limits are there for good reasons, to keep us safe and allow the world to run in an orderly fashion.

The biggest mistake we make from day to day is getting hung up on the limits we make for ourselves. Those limits don’t keep us safe, and sometimes they can hurt us.

Never confuse your limits with the edge of what can be done

All the pain and struggles in my life taught me this valuable lesson: Never trust your own limits, because they can be pushed. Like a hawk raised by chickens, we are so often convinced that we can’t fly. And in the end we drown in our own imposed sorrows.

I spread my wings, and I flew

I won’t sugarcoat it, it is very scary even when I thought myself to be fearless. But I will never look back again, although I might look down from time to time. So this is my challenge to you: Do the things you think you can’t do. the worst that can happen is finding out you were right. It does happen, but it usually ends up in proving that one can do anything with the right amount of effort. The result is well worth it too! I owe much of my “fame” to doing what I thought I could not do.

The real joke is, this blog is also one of those things I thought could not be done (well). And yet, here it is.

Now its your turn to spread your wings and fly

Who knows what potential you have? There is a huge amount of power and freedom in pushing the limits. It might be out of your comfort zone, and it might take some effort. In the end it will be worth that effort ten times over.

Push your limits and soar!


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