The True Gentleman


Today I got accused of being a real man. Or was that a compliment?

These days men are thought to be the ones hanging around in bars, or who drive fast cars. Or the ones who whistle at women and behave themselves like pigs. No

Jesus was the ultimate gentleman.

Kind and well mannered, and always had good intentions. Quick to help, slow to anger. Don’t forget though, he also threw over tables and chased people with a whip. He gave his life in sacrifice to save all humanity.

So where does that leave me?

After giving it a lot of thought, I came to a conclusion. Being a real man goes against all stereotypes. Yes, they can be rough and strong, with a touch of stubbornness. But they should know what they feel, and not be afraid to show it. Real men should know how to be afraid too, and have courage to do what needs to be done in spite of the fear. A strong leader who knows his limits and when to step back and follow. A provider for those around him, and a shelter to life’s storms. It is a mash up of so many conflicting ideas that come together to make a tough but soft individual.

The Samurai were taught calligraphy… A perfect example of balance between creation and destruction. A real man should be a father and a fire-starter…and have the good graces to know when to be which.

Being a true gentleman is no small feat.

Ever since I thought this through, its been on my mind like a weight. Its a tall order being all those things, and knowing when to be what. I missed the point. Its about doing what you can with what you have, wherever you are. Yes, you are allowed mistakes, because no-one is perfect. Sometimes its how you handle your mistakes that truly define you. Even more bizarre, this last paragraph not only applies to men, but women too.

The world needs real men and true women

It makes me so sad to see humanity lose it’s touch. One can lead by example, so I want to do my part. I may not always be able, and I will make mistakes, but I will do my best to make a change in the world. However small that change may be.

That’s right: Be a MAN!

And ladies, be a real woman!


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