The lone road home


To me, life was aways an uphill battle. Bitter loss after bloody fight, with some small victories in between. Some part of me always knew that it had to end. Those nights spent in pain and anger crying out to God had to happen for a reason. The lone road filled with pain and challenges had to lead somewhere.

I called that somewhere Home. I sometimes doubted if it even existed, like life after death. At times I thought death would be the end.

To get there, I had to fight.

More importantly, I had to keep on fighting relentlessly. Like Winston Churchill said, “When going through hell,  keep going.” Easier said than done of course… I still have the scars of those battles.

This past week, I found home…

I have no doubt that it exists, because I have found it. And it’s strange, dreamlike and unreal. Funny how it is different from what I had imagined all those years. I love the differences!

Nothing can describe the morning I woke up living my dream. Or the night I told the story that I feared no one could understand. The joy of the little silly things like saying grace before dinner. The safety of a beloved who could see the pain behind the armour weighing me down.

To those who know this lone road all too well, I need you to know that the end is real, Home is waiting for you! Yes, there may be mountains in your way, or roads covered in blazing fires and landmines. But the journey is well worth the pain. Keep fighting and keep hope! You will be rewarded!

At home, there will still be struggles, yes. But nothing like what you have faced. It’s never always moonshine and Roses.  But the road will have made you strong. To handle all that can come your way.

Keep fighting, keep walking that lone road home. Because if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will get there!

I wish you luck, strength, and grace from above


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