Poem: Forged


Blow by blow
Every sting and cut
The pain going by so slow
The light slowly drowning out

The red hot heat
The seering sparks
Embers of the heart
Longing to escape to the stars

You see, this is how a warrior is forged
Every ache grinding away
Every doubt cleared
That is how they find their way

One day a blow stikes
And bounces off
The pain felt but ignored
He had felt his worst, now worst can be no more

The creation of a warrior complete
But with an element missing
Fire with all its heat
An inferno raging

A warroir needs fire, a goal
Something to fight for
To make him feel whole
Incentive to win a war

Every fire is special
But every reason normal
Love, family, peace to behold
Power, prestiege, a story to be told

Such is the line between light and dark

Warrior, on which side are you?

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